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Adam Kraus


What was your host family’s name? Any host brothers or sisters?

    The Faulkners. I had one in-house host-brother and one that was studying in a different state, Arizona.

What classes did you take? Did you participate in

any sport throughout your stay?

    I took two band classes, which was really fun, because I got to play the trumpet every single day for a decent amount of time. Then I took Latin and Mandarin, which was slightly more challenging, but truly giving. I also took photography, once again going over the basics of taking pictures and applying that around the school and country while doing so. On top of that, I took the two mandatory subjects, English and American History, those two were easily the two hardest ones, because I was expected to match with my American classmates. I was also quite active while participating in the cross country running and soccer, and in both of these, I made it in the junior representation squad.

What did you like the most? What places did you see?

    It's really hard to pick the most beautiful place, but I just have to go with the Los Angeles, Venice beach sunset. That was one-in-the-life moment. Even the locals were saying that they never saw such a beautiful sunset.

Was there anything you disliked?

    Not really. The whole had its ups and downs, but I guess I am even more grateful for the downs, since it taught me so much.

Any advice for the upcoming student? Would you recommend something?

    Don't lean on school. Experience as much of everything as you can. Taste all the food you can and visit every place you can.

Do you have any funny story you would like to share?

    Oh, there is so many though. I will go with the classic because of which all my friends keep making fun of me. I was flying from Berlin, so I had to get there somehow. Eventually, I took the bus. I got on the bus in Prague, and when I was getting of, I was standing in front of the luggage space, waiting for it to open, while suddenly, the bus started to move. My first thought was that it's just moving to a different place in the station, but then it started to accelerate and everything just clicked when it left the station. So yeah! That's the beginning of my journey to the US just with a backpack. PS: I never got the luggage back.

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