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Karel Balogh


What was your host family’s name? Any host brothers or sisters?

    I'm really grateful I could stay with the Knoxes. Joe and Markia, my host parents, wanted to always make sure I was happy, which I appreciated a lot. I also had two host brothers, Christian and Will. Christian studied at that time at a college in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, I got to meet him only a few times during my stay. I spent most of the time with Will. I appreciate everything they've done for me. Honestly, I could not ask for a better host family than them.

What classes did you take? Did you participate in any sport throughout your stay?

    I took English 4, US History, Law and Society, Sports Medicine, Journalism and Spanish. Even though I had usually five homework every single day, I liked my schedule. During the first half of my stay I didn't participate in any sport at school, which I kind of regret today. However, during the winter season I joined the Varsity Soccer team, which was very fun. I loved being on the team, getting know the guys and practicing every day after school.

What did you like the most? What places did you see?

    As I said in the previous question, I liked the connection between school and sports. Most of the students didn't mind spending a whole day at school, isn't it cool? But I guess this wasn't the question. I liked the freedom and all the traveling I did. I'm really grateful I got to see so many places all around the U.S. My host family showed me a big part of California, they even took me on the East Coast to New York. Thanks to the people, who made my half a year possible, I got to see a little part of Los Angeles and one of the best cities in California, San Diego. Then I made two trips just by myself, one to Las Vegas and the other one to Washington D.C.

Was there anything you disliked?

    No, not really. All the things have already been said in previous interviews.

Any advice for the upcoming student? Would you recommend something?

    Be friendly, open-minded and do sports after school, otherwise it might be very hard to find any friends. Be yourself, try as many things as possible. Even though it doesn't sound cool, it might be the best experience of your stay. So don't waste opportunities and be grateful for each one of them.

Do you have any funny story you would like to share?

    All the funny stories are on my blog. I'd say the best story from my stay is that we've kept in touch with my host family. Our relationship continues, we visit each other and I really feel as a member of their family.

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