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Marek Fencl


What was your host family’s name? Any host brothers or sisters?

    I was staying with the Marks. My host-dad's name was David, Beth was my host-mom and I had two host-siblings. McClain, the younger one, was my age and we went to Miramonte together. Living with him was just one big adventure and I would say I experienced everything possible with him. My host-sister Meghan was two years older than me. She was in Paris for three months while I was there. I have never had a sister before, so it was a great experience too. I am really grateful for everything they have done for me!

What classes did you take? Did you participate in any sport throughout your stay?

    As for Miramonte, I usually spent the whole day there. I took Pre-Calculus, CAD, 3D Art, Physiology, English, Sports Medicine and US History. Sometimes it was pretty tough schedule to have every single day. My favourite classes? The Physiology and US History were definitely the classes where I have learned the most. Sports Med. was a great fun. We were going on games of all kinds and were taking care of Miramonte athletes. Right after school I usually went to the Crosscountry practise. I have met many people there and I have not gone out of my running shape at least.

What did you like the most? What places did you see?

    The most? I loved so many things I did while I was there! The music festivals like Outside Lands or Snowglobe were totally unforgettable. The Bay Area was just awesome place. All the cities I have visited were amazing... Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Berkeley... I have just fallen in love with California. That's it.

Was there anything you disliked?

    Sometimes I missed the freedom of hopping on a bus and going out whenever I wanted. There were no buses so I had to ask someone to give me a ride everytime and my host-mom did not want me to bike. Fortunately there were four members of our family and each one had his own car so it was not such a big deal.

Any advice for the upcoming student? Would you recommend something?

    You just have to be yourself and open to everything, otherwise you will miss a lot. Don't be shy. Try to do as many things you can handle. Enjoy the chance you have!

Do you have any funny story you would like to share?

    It was my third day in California, I was still little sleepy in the evening (jet lag). However, I was partying hard at Outside Lands with my sister and her friends. I did not have american SIM card in my phone yet, so I had to stick to them well. But. There was fourty tousand people partying with us and unfortunately Meghan met a guy who was supposed to be her future boyfriend. Of course I got lost pretty easily. I was super lucky to meet one of her friends at 2 am. His phone was dead. At leats I had someone who knew where we were. We met Meghan at a MUNI stop near to the Golden Gate Park. That could have been a bummer!

The Marks
Lake Tahoe with my host-sister
Me and my host-brother
Me with Bobbie Landers
Surfing in San Diego

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