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Veronika Štěpková


What was your host family’s name? Any host brothers or sisters?

    My host family were the Seversons and they were amazing! They could not have done more to make me feel comfortable and till today we are in touch! I was living with my host father, host mother and host sister and other siblings were already older and moved out with their spouses.

What classes did you take? Did you participate in any sport throughout your stay?

    I am a runner and really enjoyed the crosscountry running team. At school, I signed in for English Composition, Economics, Arts and Spanish.

What did you like the most? What places did you see?

    I really liked San Francisco most, closest but best! Great atmosphere and the university has a very special vibe. We also went to LA with a wider family and it was fun with all the children around. I am very grateful that we could travel around the South, namely Texas, Arizona, Mississippi and Louisiana after the Hurricane Katrina stroke the area and help a bit people from that area.

Was there anything you disliked?

    Not much :)

Any advice for the upcoming student? Would you recommend something?

    Just be open to new experience, try as much as possible, learn as much as possible and simply enjoy :)

Do you have any funny story you would like to share?

    There were many funny stories but the most significant for me is not funny but simply really nice. We kept in touch with my best friends from the USA - a Polish girl Marta and a great musician Sarah Lewis and we met ten years after that in Paris. I am now hoping to see Marta again, this time with her new baby :)

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